[Article 88]JIKUUUUUUUUUUU時空 (JP) – Thomas Tilly (F) – 22.09.2012


My name is Maria Jiku.
JIKUUUUUUUUUUU時空 is my solo project. JIKU meaning is spatiotemporal ,space and time. I started JIKUUUUUUUUUUU in 2009. I was born in Kyoto Japan. I am noiser, composer, guitarist, singer,and improviser.

My musical first was the piano I met at three years old. I was playing by a piano in the imitation where a note is written on paper at the beginning. It was done soon, and a real piano came to the house, and a classic piano was being done to the junior high school. While touching various music, I’m touched by the world of experimental music off a little and come soon. When making music, I’m making with my voice, synthesizer ,whip,and various sound.
Music of the theater on which I appear recently is being also produced.

I feel the moment of eternity
Meditation beyond the space and time
Destroy brainwash
Destroy monitor system
Do not wait for leaders do it alone
person to person
World changes in a split second
Noise in Gene Expression
Origins,Consequences, and Control.
The revolution in the brain .

I have toured France, Switzerland, Italy
Slovenia,Austria,and Holland in 2010.


Thomas Tilly (F)
Artist-composer and self-taught musician, Thomas Tilly uses the microphone as his main instrument of work. In 2001 he creates Tô, a solo project of concrete music focusing on environmental sounds and found-objects manipulations. In this view, the composition and publication on disc of such sound material have to be considered as a sonic synthesis of a place during a certain periode of time. (N.B. this method requires to stay, observe and study the architectural aspects of the place in order to formulate a personal view and interpretation of it). The knowledge of Thomas Tilly is also used for sound-installations allowing to develop and enlarge the logic of specific datas collected in a place – via various systems of triggering/diffusion in situ.
Thomas Tilly’s works have been published on many labels, among which the „Centre de création national Césaré“.



Institut für neue Medien (INM),Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt – http://www.inm.de
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 – Eintritt: 5 Euro

Flyer 09.2012

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