[Article 83]3 Banditos (S / D) – CIRCUITNOISE (D) – LDX$40 (EU) – 15.06.2012

3 Banditos (S / D)

3 Banditos is the result of a successful collaboration evolved. Frankfurt based Tobias Schmitt and Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, who lives in Sweden first met in October of 2004 when they performed together at the Forum for Experimental Music in Frankfurt. Schmitt on laptop and Parker Wells on the Fichter electric double bass augmented by electronics proved to be an inspired combination and the two made it a point to perform as often as possible at venues hosting improvised electro-acoustic music around Germany. The live performances where always well received and filled with exciting twists and turns of discovery. The pair knew immediately that this was something to be documented and distributed to a larger audience. After a couple of failed direct to DAT attempts at their live gigs, local Frankfurter musician and studio owner Tomislav Bucalic (who had previously collaborated with Schmitt on Suspicion Breeds Confidence) stepped up to the plate and offered the duo space in his studio along with his skills on bass and processed Fender Rhodes as well as varied and sundry other instruments and objects. In November 2005 the three entered Bucalic’s studio and performed the improvisation that would become the first 3 Banditos release „Sympathy for the Donkey“.



Circuitnoise is a random fluctuation in an electrical signal, a characteristic of all electronic circuits. Noise generated by electronic devices varies greatly, as it can be produced by several different effects. Thermal and shot noise are unavoidable and due to the laws of nature, rather than to the device exhibiting them, while other types depend mostly on manufacturing quality and semiconductor defects.

The aim of the Circuitnoise project is to discover the vast field of random noises through electronic devices. Nothing more nothing less…


LDX$40 (EU)

Die seit 2007 andauernde Banken-, Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise zeigt mehr als deutlich, dass die Ideale der Profitmaximierung und Akkumulation nicht mit der nötigen Zielstrebigkeit verfolgt wurden. Die Lösung besteht in der Rückbesinnung auf den ökonomischen Geist der 80er- und 90er-Jahre sowie der Rückkehr zu dessen Werkzeugen und Vorgehensweisen (mit den Mitteln der modernen Technologie). LDX$40 versteht sich als künstlerische Speerspitze dieser Bewegung und liefert vermittels einer Synthese aus zeitgenössischer Experimentalmusik und der Hardware der 80er-Jahre den Soundtrack für die Rückkehr zu dem erfolgreichsten Sozial- und Wirtschaftsmodell der postmodernen Welt – exklusive Acht-Bit-Musik für die Finanzeliten des 21. Jahrhunderts.

Alle Macht dem Kapital.



Institut für neue Medien (INM),Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt – http://www.inm.de
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 – Eintritt: 5 Euro

Flyer 15.06.2012

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