[Article 565]29.10.2014: TZII (BE) – Filip Gheysen (BE) – TraumaSutra (BE)

Filip Gheysen
Filip Gheysen is a musician and audio artist, living and working in Ghent, Belgium, with a passion for sound and experimental music. Using only a tabletop guitar, effects and the occasional autoharp, he creates abstract droning soundscapes, stripped of all unnecessary elements, focussing solely on the timbre and tone of his instrument. Filip Gheysen has been very active in different projects. He is the founder of Glasvocht records and has released albums under the monikers Picturesque, Teledroom (with Portables-guitarist Wio) and is a member of the band 4 Black Boxes (with Jürgen De Blonde aka Köhn and Tom Vangheluwe). Trained as a graphic designer, he has also studied ‘printmaking’ at the academy of Ghent and had several expositions. In June 2013, he released his latest album Tabletop Guitar (cd + dvd + art catalogue) on Silken Tofu. This first release under his own name presents both his musical and visual art and adds a third field of interest. His videoworks are the culmination of his two main outlets, giving a new dimension to his art.
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With TraumaSutra, Peter De Koning takes you from one atmosphere to the other; sometimes very quiet and minimal, other times noisy and and extreme. However, It’s always a reflection of this own chaotic mind. In his music, using broken cymbals, iron plates, bricks, elements of nature, toys, plastic bags, construction site materials. The list is endless, as are the possibilities. The use of synthesizers and ‘normal’ instruments is kept to a minimum. Being a very broadminded individual, he’s also active in a number of other projects. First and foremost is his band Intens, with which he has played on all kinds of stages in Belgium, going from underground rock clubs to open door school events. Since 2008, he is also an active member of Belgian cult act Hybryds, working in the ritual/mythical/industrial and magical music scene. This band is known for its mind expanding sound and have been one on the forefront of the Belgian industriai/experimental scene since the 1980s.
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Since 1996 Tzii spreads his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world through touring from eastern and western europe to Australia, passing by USA, Canada, Japan and Africa, where he played hundreds of shows. A mountain of multiple figures…. He’s a co-founder and active member of the V-ATAK collective/dvd label, a crew raping with no limits your eyes and ears in multimedias festivals worldwide, is one half of Solar Skeletons and several other bands such as MS30 (released on Silken Tofu). Collaborated on stage or in studio with many other sound wizards such as Steve MacKay (The Stooges), Marshall Allen (Sun-Ra Arkestra), Contagious Orgasm, Bene Gesserit, Koonda Holaa, 1997EV, Luna Dopa, Liina Nilsson, Madame Patate, Akoustic Timbre Frequency, Babylone Chaos and many more… As a multi-skilled artist he works also for dance companies, living performances, movie soundtracks and any other mediums with sound inside.
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Silken Tofu Silken Tofu dedicates itself to publishing all sorts of experimental, noise, ambient and generally ‘difficult’ music and visual art. Founded in 2006, Silken Tofu has since become a highly respected name with experimental music lovers all over the globe, due to its high quality standards, both in the artists worked with and in the level of care and attention for sleeve design and packaging. Silken Tofu aims to be more than just a record label, not only focussing on musical releases but including all sorts of visual arts en media. Next to that, Silken Tofu is a graphic design agency, available to anyone in need for affordable but quality print design.
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