[Article 524]10.09.2014: Golem Mecanique (F) – Waffensupermarkt (D)

Golem Mecanique (F)
Golem Mecanique is the project of perpetual transformation. Drawn around the manipulation of sound and voice, it created its first source in intimate myths and landscapes, studied and rearranged in unusual ways: manipulated recordings, concrete sounds, feedbacks, singing voice, speaking voice, sound poetry , whispers , repetitive series. The Golem Mecanique project is a flexible creature, aka Karen Jebane only master of this polymorphic puppet. The basis of the sound landscape is through recorded voices, transformed,destroyed and reborn voices in a constant research of talking to the private memories of audience. A weird story telling. From 2007, the project had walked through different forms and practices. First was the computer and the works on softwares as live or logic but with the time, the articial skin of the sound was frustrating. Then the project turns itself to analogic, lo fi device as walkman, tape recorder, field recording, manipulated objects and instruments. Always the voice at the heart of it. And now a work of reflexion about the score of Cage, Lucier, the collective wandelweisser. The new form wants to work on sound installation and how the perception and the manipulation of a device could enter the intimate mind and reflexion. Tell musical stories as we were ancient prophets,  another language, another plastic art. The project had performed several times in France, Germany with the constant desire of an always new musical proposal. Some important moments of the project :

2011: + ausland-Berlin http://www.ausland-berlin.de/golem-mecanique
+ Praha : work of field recording for the release « Stroj/Zamek »

2012: Creation of the duet Outrenoir (Golem Mecanique/Alexis Degrenier)

Golem Mecanique -> Bandcamp

Guido Braun, the artist known as WAFFENSUPERMARKT, was making punk, rock, jazz and avant-garde music in Germany for more than 30 years. He was heavily involved in Frankfurt’s experimental scene with hosting events at Forum für Experimentaleletronik und Curmbox. Today, he is producing electronic music. For the last years, he’s got deep experience in techno / house productions, and had developed ANALOGmusiq, his own label to distribute his tracks and remixes. Guido lives and works in Frankfurt / Main and in Berlin.


Institut für neue Medien (INM), Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt – http://www.inm.de
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 – Eintritt: 5 Euro


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