[Article 1843]02.08.2018: Sprrw (D) – Amethyst (D)

Achtung: Veranstaltungsort diesmal Waggon/Offenbach am Mainufer ggü. HFG/Isenburger Schloss

SPRRW (Male Acitvity, Vanity Pill | Berlin)

SPRRW is a Berlin-based solo project by young musican and sound designer
Maximilian Spatz. Devoted to exploring musical manifestations of
melancholy, nostalgia and loneliness, he embraces minimalism and the
synergy of analogue and digital instruments and weaves together with synth
lines and field recordings to creats introspective and slow-paces
experiences, one song at a time. With a 4-track EP under his belt and tow
upcoming tapes to be released through Male Activity (Can) and Vanity Pill
(UK), SPRRW is well equipped to evoke blissful sadness wherever he appears“


(Holy Geometry, Male Activity | Berlin)

Jonathan von Bergen´s Amethyst can be described as a lovechild of ambient,
drone and noise. Layers upon layers of audio fragments, ranging from
sampled soundcapes to gritty and gnawing synth noise walls, are woven into
one another in a mediative manner. The dichatomy of aggresive chaotic sound
sources versus calm and thoughtful arrangements leads to an ultimately
soothing cathartic effect.


Waggon am Kulturgleis – Mainufer Höhe HFG/Isenburger Schloss, Offenbach
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 – Eintritt: Um Spenden wird gebeten

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