[Article 1568]04.+05.03.2017: WORKSHOP Initiation to Phonojournalism

Tools to tell stories in sound

This workshop by Juan Manuel Castrillo provides basic guidelines on how to make audio reports, how to find appropriate stories to be told with audio, how to get good testimonial clips and how to gather ambient sounds capable of illustrating a story.

We begin with a perspective on how to develop an idea for a story that works well in audio form. Here the importance of investigating the topic to be treated is discussed and the need to include testimonies is analyzed. A specific guide, to learn how to select the right recording equipment for the job, is also provided.

The second session covers what is necessary to record ambients and testimonies. How recording ambients can affect the quality of the narrative. Recording techniques and some ethicalconsiderations when capturing sounds.

Finally, a script will be vital to structure the placement of the sound elements. Once all the sounds (environments, sound effects, interviews, music) have been gathered, it might be necessary to add a voice-over. We will see some parameters to give it a character according to our history. It will also address basic editing tools, ‚cleaning‘ of recordings and how to combine audios for the final mix.

Session 1 – Saturday 03/04/17 – 10 to 12 am
Session 2 – Saturday 03/04/17 – 2 to 4 pm
Session 3 – Sunday, 03/05/17 – 10 to 12 am

Portable digital recorder. For the last session it will be necessary for each assistant to bring a laptop. In any case, although its use can be very useful, it is not indispensable.

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Institut für neue Medien (INM),Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt – http://www.inm.de
Teilnahmebeitrag: 40 Euro

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