[Article 117]Konrad Korabiewski (PL/DK) – ATMO TAPES 98 (D) – 27.04.2013

Konrad Korabiewski (PL/DK)
multimedia artist

Polish | Danish Konrad Korabiewski (1978) is an award- winning experimental multimedia artist, currently residing in east coast of Iceland.

As a sound-artist, composer and media artist, Konrad Korabiewski has a minimalist, yet detail-oriented unconventional and experimental approach in his way of working and feeling. Focused on absorption, content and atmosphere of sound rather than a certain media, he experiments and develops new possibilities for expressing philosophical views and artistic ideologies in sensing music and art. This is also highly visible at Korabiewski’s live performances, where he involves other actors and medias to add layers and new dimensions to his music, sound and radio art pieces, installations and videoworks. As with his latest pioneering and prize awarded crossover, interactive art-book project Affected As Only A Human Being Can Be with the mixed media artist Litten.

Konrad Korabiewski’s musical atmosphere is sombre, intense, distorted, and has a profound sence of musical space and depth – at times with a meditative character, slowly developing transitions and blooming characters that demands and attracts attention in minimalistic scenarios of sound.

By international press his musical expression is often compared to Norwegian ambient master Biosphere – “only darker and more industrial”.

In 2011 Konrad Korabiewski won the international sound-art competition Europe – A Sound Panorama.

Konrad Korabiewski is currently project manager, festival director for Skálar – Centre for Sound Art and Experimental Music, and running a Gallery and Art studio HOF in Seydisfjördur, Iceland.

the ART BOOK OCHESTRA – performance

short project description:

The performance the Art Book Orchestra is a highly tactile, extraordinary audio visual concert form with 10 sound art pieces incorporated in 10 different art books, which live acts as the only musical instruments (live electronics).

The Art Book Orchestra is a development of the pioneeringand awarded sound/art book ‘Affected As Only A Human Being Can Be’ by multimedia artist Konrad Korabiewski and mixed media artist Litten being a cross over project, a meeting point where sound art, experimental music, visual art and book-art melt together in a radical way in a highly tactile, multimedial and interactive digital art form.

The live-concert situation presents media artist Konrad Korabiewski performing and interacting with the 10 art books can furthermore be filmed and transmitted as a direct visual side to the concert for the audience to see close ups. Time of the performance: 20-40 min.

The musical atmosphere with the basis in ‘Affected As Only A Human Being Can Be’ is sombre, intense, distorted, and has a profound sense of musical space and depth. The concert offers a unique sensorial experience.

More info about the project:


Kauke Torstn Klanginstallation auferstehen von der historischen Altstadt der neunziger Jahre. Alt Vorbereitete vier-und Zwei-Spur-Bänder werden simultan in Kombination gespielt werden mit ein paar neuen digitalen Geräten um eine absurde und atmosphärische Wand des analogen Sound zu kreieren.



Institut für neue Medien (INM),Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt – http://www.inm.de
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 – Eintritt: 5 Euro

Flyer 27.04.2013

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