[Article 1067]27.04.2016: Ponton (SRB) – Orfada (SRB, MEX)

Ponton (SRB)

Ponton is from Belgrade, Serbia and they are soundscape storytellers since 2008. This duo is blend of electro-acoustic ambient and noise, experiment and improvisation with frequent use of field recordings. Themes are floating into dreamlike, misty and moody atmosphere like a sountrack of a private movie that goes on behind closed eyes and in a state of contemplation.


Orfada (SRB, MEX)

Orfada choose to have a base in Belgrade with its wandering members being from Serbia and Mexico. Gathered with idea of creating doomlike blend of jazz and electronics, Orfada will take you on a journey to those hypnagogic moments, when reality meet dreams, with layered acoustic guitar, prolonged saxophone tones and glitchy electronics.


Institut für neue Medien (INM),Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt – http://www.inm.de
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 – Eintritt: 7 Euro

ponton orfada

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